Larger than life sounds
made in Asheville NC

Together, we'll make music so big it can't be ignored

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The space

Small but versatile

The space is a single open 500 sq ft room treated with sound panels and bass traps. It’s optimized for writing, recording, and rehearsing.

It has its limitations, but I have workarounds and can quickly reconfigure the inputs for different scenarios. We’ll work together to determine the best approach for your project!


Source is king

I keep a modest but versatile collection of nice instruments (Gibson, Fender, Orange, EVH, DW, Meinl, Yamaha, Ibanez, etc).

I’m sure you do as well, so we’ll use whatever sounds best!


and audio gear

I have a variety of nice sounding mics for different applications, a Kemper, 16 channels of inputs, and a selection of nice plugins. I employ techniques to emulate the sound of analog in the digital realm — the best of both worlds.

James Ferrell

Studio owner

I’ve spent most of my life learning, performing, and writing interesting heavy music, and the past 10+ years recording and mixing it. I get the big picture, but also sweat the details.

I will put the same amount of care into your music as I do my own!

Let’s get started
Genre Artist & song title Song length in minutes and seconds Year of release Artist link
Rock/metal The Welcoming — “The Unknown” 4:28 2023
Metalcore Embrace the Animal — “Ashes of Irondale” 3:30 2022
Hard rock Here Lies Wes — “Nihilty” 3:47 2022
Metal The Welcoming — “The Messiah” 4:14 2021
Progressive rock Red Era — “The Trials” 5:33 2020
Post-hardcore Waypoints — “The Void” 4:19 2018
Math rock Ambushed — “Plinksticity” 4:32 2017

Audio samples

Rock/metal sample
The Welcoming — “The Unknown”